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Hair Extensions

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Beaded Row Extensions AKA Sewn-in Extensions are fast becoming the most popular Extension method

This method used Hand-tied wefts of hair to create volume and length. They are installed by applying a track using beads and string which helps to evenly distribute the weight of the extension hair across the scalp

This method was created to achieve maximum results with little to no damage or discomfort!

While wearing these extensions you are not limited in the ways you can wash, dry, and style your hair the way other methods do.

You can swim, work out, wear your hair up, go about you day to day life almost exactly as you would without extensions.



Your extensions will be custom colored and cut to create a seamless blend based on the unique needs of your hair

Beaded row extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair type. 

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The consultation is your first step to having the hair of your dreams!

This is also a necessary step in determining your hair goals.

Consultations are booked for 30 minutes. Your stylist will determine if sew-in extensions are the best fit for your hair and lifestyle. During your consult your stylist will pick out the perfect shade and length extensions for your hair goals. After we determine the look that is best for you, price and maintenance will be discussed.

*We are unable to quote a price without this very important step.

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