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Interested in a career at Halo?


Halo Beauty Salon is a rapidly growing salon in Bellingham, Massachusetts. We are always seeking out new positive, career minded individuals to join our team!

Halo Beauty Salon is positioned as a career salon company. We hire only career minded stylists that are motivated and passionate about every aspect of our industry. The one thing the staff at Halo has in common is a whole hearted devotion to the craft of hair dressing as a life long career. We believe in a strong work life balance. We offer flexible split shift scheduling so you can have the schedule that best suits your life. We encourage and coach our team to work less hours and maximize the time spent behind the chair so that they can truly live their best lives. We built our salon to create a space where stylists could finally have the flexibility and freedom we have all always desired. 

A little bit about our Associate program...

Halo is a Summit certified salon. If you are just starting your journey as a stylist, Halo has a rigorous training program. Our paid internship program is designed for recent graduates in cosmetology. During your time in the program you will learn how to provide a premium client experience working HANDS-ON with one of our incredible educators. This one-to-one coaching and mentoring program will provide you with an incredible advantage when starting your career. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, associates also have weekly opportunity days to work on their own clientele and practice their skills.

Benefits to working at Halo include:

$17 an hour minimum

Continuing Education

Vacation Benefits

Paid Time Off

Opportunities to Advance 

Work- Life Balance

Retail Commission

Product and Service Discounts

Halo is more than a salon, it's a salon family!

If you are ready to find your salon home and have a passion for the industry, you can email your resume to or fill out the job application below.














































Come Work With Us

"I love working at Halo because it's a very welcoming environment for me as well as all of the clients that come through the door. All of the staff are so sweet and I love getting to meet new people everyday while working at the salon." -Jordyn


"Teamwork and positivity are what makes Halo such a great work environment. Everyone works really well together and there is no competitiveness between stylists. Not only are we constantly supportive of each other and our goals, but we also continue to learn new things from one another. We have many education opportunities to better ourselves as stylists and we are always pushing to be better. I have worked with Jess and Nikki for many years now and it is so exciting to be able to see their dream turn into a reality. I truly enjoy walking into the salon each and every day." -Brittany


"I am so happy to be a part of the HALO team. I have worked with many of these ladies for years now and we are like a family in or own way. This is not a salon where each stylist is focused solely on their own success. Each stylist on this team is more than willing to help and answer any question you may have and give advice/ suggestions on techniques and formulations. I am grateful to work in a salon that values education and focuses on helping each stylist and assistant grow to get to the next level in their career. It truly is a nice feeling to be able to walk into work each day with a smile on my face knowing I am being supported by a great group of talented women." -Erin


"Halo is a team atmosphere salon with opportunities to grow. Continuing education is great along with the staff."   



"Being a part of the HALO team has been the best career decision I have made as a stylist. The co-owners Jess and Nikki value our opinions and respect our input, making our salon unlike any other. The beautiful space and welcoming atmosphere, along with advanced continuous education makes me proud to be a part of the HALO family!" -Jenn

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